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Purchase an advanced physical and receive a full year of PartnerMD membership at 50% off the regular price.

Worry less about the people you love the most. 
We worry a lot about the people we love. An advanced physical and membership package from PartnerMD can relieve some of that stress.

Our detailed and fully custom physicals go beyond routine diagnostics, providing more information about health today and a roadmap for many healthier tomorrows. 

Build your physical from custom components.
Design a full day of wellness to evaluate current health and areas of interest with help from our expert coordinators. A wide selection of custom options ranges from:

  • A deep dive into cardiovascular health, lipids and genetic markers
  • Brain health and mental acuity testing
  • Full body screening for skin cancer
  • Golf swing and biomechanics assessment with consultation
  • Insomnia and sleep quality assessment with consultation, and more
  • Note that not all customization options are available in every office

We coordinate appointments with in-house staff and specialists to create a smooth and hassle-free experience. The day culminates with a physician consultation to review the complex results of the assessments in plain language and recommend a plan to maintain and improve both longevity and quality of life.

Contact your local membership expert for more information on advanced physicals and customization options. 

Three generations of women

Who can benefit?
Both the giver and the recipient benefit from this offer. Show the people you care about most just how much you care by helping them stay healthy, active, and around for as long as possible.

  • Advanced physicals have the ability to identify health concerns early before symptoms appear and when treatments are most-likely to be effective.
  • Membership delivers continued and attentive support from a team that cares about the individual.
  • Small patient panels ensure that doctors have time to listen, to coordinate care with specialists and to explore treatment options to find the best way forward for each member.

Knowledge has little value without action.
We package our physicals with membership to better ensure that the recommended treatment plans are followed, whether that means dietary and lifestyle modification, medication, or alternative therapies.

To find out special pricing for membership (with or without a physical), contact your local membership expert. We're happy to discuss your options. 

We are on your team.
Members enjoy the support of a fully-engaged team. Physicians partner with members to decide on treatment plans. Certified health coaches provide accountability and specialty services, such as balance and fall prevention or sleep improvement. Support staff remove tasks from daily to-do lists by coordinating appointments with specialists and more. At every step, PartnerMD supports each member’s wellness journey.

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