Designed with Men in Mind


One day of wellness could mean a lifetime of better health. 

Surveys show that just over 40% of men go to the doctor only when they fear they have a serious medical condition. And yet, knowing the facts, being proactive, and taking advantage of the numerous advancements in healthcare today can make all the difference in a man’s quality, and length, of life.

For the entire month of June, advanced physicals for men are available for gifting to the dads and special men in your life. The gift of a PartnerMD physical could be just the nudge he needs to prevent a small problem from turning into a big one.

  • The most medically advanced screenings for early detection and prevention
  • A deep dive into cardiovascular health, lipids and genetic markers
  • Gender-specific screenings that focus on men's health concerns
  • Integrative approach that includes sleep quality and stress management
  • Efficient 1-day physicals
  • Choose from 3 levels ranging from 2 to 8 hours
  • Customized to suit each individual's unique health profile

Give the gift of health this Father's Day and for many more to come.


Do I need to be a member of PartnerMD to buy or receive an advanced physical? 
No. Advanced physicals from PartnerMD are available to anyone who wants more knowledge and insight to better guide their future health decisions. 

What kind of customization do you offer? 
Customization options vary by office. Some of our most popular choices include: 

  • Cleveland HeartLab Advanced Cardiac Profile
  • Brain health and mental acuity
  • Full body skin cancer screening with a dermatologist
  • Golf swing and biomechanic analysis with consultation
  • ApoE genetic marker evaluation
  • Consultation with a certified genetics counselor
  • Stress management consultation

Can an advanced physical be applied to my insurance, flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA)? 
Typically, these services are not covered by insurance and are paid as out-of-pocket services. Depending on your personal plan, you may be able to apply your FSA or HSA. Please work directly with your plan manager for details on what is and is not approved by your plan. 

Speak with a PartnerMD expert to design a custom advanced physical for the dads in your life. 

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