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Share Your Experience

Your health and healthcare are personal. That’s why PartnerMD strives to provide a world class experience where you have a more personal relationship with your physician who really knows you. Sharing your personal experience also helps other new patients in their critical decision-making process of where to seek care.

If you have been happy with your PartnerMD experience, please use the form to share your experience. We would be delighted to share your story with others in hopes that we can take care of even more great members like you.

Thank you!

Testimonial Tips

When thinking about your experience with PartnerMD and what others might find valuable, here are some questions to get you started. 

  • If someone called you and said “Why should I choose PartnerMD?”, what would you tell them?

  • In what ways does it feel different to have a personal relationship with your physician, nursing team, and health coach?

  • Is there a specific example of a time when we may have "gone the extra mile” to serve you?

  • How has PartnerMD helped you reach your health and wellness goals?

  • In what ways is PartnerMD aligned with your personal philosophy on health and wellness?