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SleepWell WebsitePSleepWell is a cognitive behavioral sleep-improvement program from PartnerMD. Learn how to reset negative patterns of thinking, change habitual behaviors, and improve sleep quality.

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National Institute of Health studies show that a cognitive behavioral approach to insomnia is more effective than sleeping pills with a 75% success rate and sustainable improvements to sleep quality.

What’s included?

  • Four, instructor-led, 75-minute education and discussion sessions
  • Homework to practice and apply class curriculum
  • Small-group setting for personal attention and optimized learning
  • Program manual
  • Personal sleep journal to track trends and changing patterns

At the end of four weeks, participants are expected to have been able to successfully apply what they have learned and sleep well most nights with fewer or no medications. 

For more information, please complete the interest form.

How does it work?

The PartnerMD SleepWell program is based on CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Insomnia), which sleep experts at the 2005 National Institute of Health State of the Science Conference on Chronic Insomnia in Adults confirmed is the treatment of choice for insomnia. People who received CBT-I during clinical trials experienced:

  • Greater total sleep time
  • Less time to fall asleep
  • Fewer waking periods during the night
  • Reduced use of medications
  • Lasting benefits after the CBT-I program ended

You may suffer from insomnia if most nights you have problem falling asleep or staying asleep and experience negative consequences during the day as a result of poor sleep quality. Negative impacts to daily life include cognitive impairment, irritability, mood changes, drowsiness, and a chronic stress state. National statistics indicate that 33% of the population has insomnia nightly and 50% have insomnia at least a few nights per week.

SleepWell Program Details

  • In-person program developed and led by a Certified Sleep Science Coach
  • Currently available at our Richmond location only
  • Conveniently timed for lunch-break participation at 1:00 to 2:15pm
  • Participation is open to PartnerMD members and the public 
  • The member price is $250 and $400 for non-members 

For more information, please complete the interest form.