SleepWell WebsitePIntroducing HarmonizePMD

Designed to improve sleep quality and reduce the health consequences of stress, HarmonizePMD is one of four advanced preventative health programs that proactively and aggressively help members achieve optimal lifelong health.

Rolling out through 2020 and into early 2021, these advanced wellness programs will include physician supervision, workshops, and remote health monitoring using at-home devices, plus ongoing support and accountability groups in person and online.

4 Pathways to Wellness

These four new programs will address the most critical areas of healthy metabolism, stress and sleep, fitness, and brain health for the most comprehensive approach to prevention and peak performance.

  • MetabolizePMD to achieve metabolic wellness through the latest in healthy eating;
  • HarmonizePMD to integrate mind and body with improved stress and sleep;
  • OptimizePMD to achieve and maintain optimal physical performance; and
  • MemorizePMD to identify risk factors for cognitive decline, and improve and maintain mental performance.

Programs will be led by PartnerMD Director of Wellness Dr. Steven Bishop. Dr. Bishop joined in December 2019 from VCU Health, and he oversees the PartnerMD team of health coaches who will help deliver these programs along with the physicians and a psychologist.

Choose Your Wellness Path

PartnerMD members, speak with your doctor and health coach about the sleep improvement and stress reduction options that are available and appropriate to your individual needs.